About GDPS Editor:

We are a team of dedicated and talented individuals, led by our founder iANdy_HD3, who have come together to create GDPS Editor, an innovative mod app for the popular game Geometry Dash SubZero.

Our app empowers users to fully customize their gaming experience by allowing them to create new levels with new music and items. With the help of team members Blaze, NicknameGG, Italian APK Downloader, Eitan, and JerosGamer89, we have combined our expertise to deliver a top-notch product to the Geometry Dash community.

At GDPS Editor, we are committed to providing an enjoyable and creative outlet for gamers everywhere. Join us on our journey to make Geometry Dash SubZero even more exciting!”

Our Team

iAndy_HD3 Owner, Developer
Blaze Creator, Owner
NicknameGG, Owner
Italian Apk Downloader Developer
Eitan Developer
JerosGamer89 Website & DL developer