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GDPS Editor 2.2 APK

Create new and fully customized game levels with new music and items


All Levels

Play all levels of the classic game


Create, delete or customize anything in the game

Modify Physics

The physics of the game can also be modified e.g. gravity, speed, and friction

What is GDPS Editor?

GDPS Editor is an interesting modification app for Geometry Dash SubZero that allows you to create new fully customizable game levels with new music and items.  

Geometry Dash has taken the mobile gaming community by storm when  looking for a worthy challenge. It’s a very fast and challenging game with great music where you have to jump over obstacles and enemies with a self-moving square character. 

Now this  community of players has taken things a step further. GDPS Editor or Geometry Dash Private Server Editor is a great working mod that not only allows you to play the SubZero version of Geometry Dash, but also allows players to become editors and create their own levels.

Main Features

Here are the features of this Geometry Dash SubZero mod with a level editor to create impossible levels. 

  • It allows you to play all levels of the classic game.
  • Players with access to the level editor can change the world and  the game’s physics. 
  • You can create, delete, customize and add objects to your game.  
  • Players can add their favorite songs to the game for a more immersive experience.  
  • It includes an object inserter that adds custom platforms, enemies and obstacles to your level.
  • The physics of the game can also be modified (gravity, speed, and friction).  

And everything from an easy and user-friendly interface, ideal for beginners, that offers simple controls so anyone can start creating their own video game. 


Download GDPS Editor

Requirements and additional information: 

  • The Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0. 
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications. 
  • This program is a modified version of the original application, developed by a third party that has nothing to do with the owner or with Malavida, who have not verified, validates or approved the latter. 
  • Downloading, installing and using this program is under the user`s exclusive responsibility, without Malavida being liable for the effects or results that may take place on your device. Malavida, the original developer of the modified application, or their trademarks, is not affiliated with this version.

GDPS Editor is a convenient editor for creating levels for the popular and addictive platform game Geometry Dash. This app is developed by Blaze and has several cool features. GDPS Editor for Android allows you to create and edit new unique locations and objects, adjust their appearance and position on the playing field, and set their most important attributes. Pre-made maps are easily integrated into your projects. This program lets you easily test and make any necessary changes. 

Geometry Dash is a fun and popular 2D arcade platformer that has won a lot of fans. The game has exciting gameplay, colorful graphics, and easy controls. However, it contains some serious drawbacks.

The original project has about 20 levels. Though they are tough, users quickly memorize all stages of the passage. 

Developers are in no rush to include more additions. 

GDPS Editor is easy to install and has a very simple interface. Even beginners can quickly figure out all the features. You can easily create new game maps and place unique objects. Then users will be able to select a suitable background for the location, change the color of geometric shapes and blocks, modify and delete them. The editor contains many additional effects, allowing you to incorporate or create new objects from the game and change their speed. You can add your own music.  

Features of GDPS Editor 

  • Customize the difficulty, speed and duration. 
  • The existence of copy, change and delete functions.
  • Ability to set background for location and object color. 
  • After creating a level, you can test it. 
  • Add your own music tracks.